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An abbreviation for M-16, the standard issue assault rifle among U.S. Forces. The M-16 is a gas-operated, rotating bolt rifle chambered for the 5.56 x 45 round. Magazines are typically either 20 or 30 round clips, though high-capacity magazines and drums are also available, though somewhat jam prone. The M-16 went through a number of improvements during its lifetime, the most modern version, the M-16A2, is very reliable, though its Soviet counterparts, the AK-47, the AKM, and the AK-74 all have far superior reliability, particularly in poor conditions. The earliest version, the M-16, had chronic reliability issues, but was capable of semiautomatic or full automatic fire. The newer M-16A4 and M-16A2 are only capable of semiautomatic or burst fire, but lack the constant reliability problems which earned the M-16 the nickname “Mattel 16.” It should be noted that the M-16A1 and the M-16A3 are also capable of automatic fire, but these weapons are less common. A “civilianized” version of the M-16, the AR-15 is also manufactured, but it is capable of only semiautomatic fire. The AR-15 is criticized by anti-gun activists due to its origins, light weight, and ease of modification. In recent years, as the Army clears out M-16A2’s and A1’s in favor of the M-16A4 and eventually the OICW, a growing number of obsolete M-16’s are owned by gangs and organized crime.
Sonny: Hey, Johnny, we's gonna teach Guido a lesson in respect. You wanna

Johnny: Damn straight! I'll grab my sixteen!
by Bigwolf June 1, 2004
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A luxury SUV, manufactured by Lincoln (a subsidiary of Ford), marketed towards wealthy house wives, inter-city youth, drug dealers, and mafia members. It was purposely designed to compete with the Cadillac Escalade. Next year's new "M.D." (Mafia/Drug Dealer) model features larger windows allowing passengers to fire an Uzi 9mm or HK MP5 in complete comfort and special new materials which allow blood, heroin, and cocaine to be easily wiped off the seats. Best of all, ten kilos of C4 are located under the chassis for instant evidence destruction. This vehicle is perfect for dive by shootings, making “visits” to people you don’t like, and camping trips in the forest.
Hey, Furio, get the Navigator and a couple of pieces. It's time to pay Guido a "visit." He forget to pay on time
by Bigwolf June 1, 2004
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