The most amazing person ever. An awesome person to speak to and learn from, and an even better mother. She always looks out for those she loves. Simply the best!
Person one: Wow, she is an amazing person, and such a good mom...what a Natalie!
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by NATALIE_IS_AWESOME November 05, 2019
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one of the funniest, most beautiful, amazing human beings to walk the face of this earth. Becomes extremely shy around certain people, but also very bold in front of her best friends. you should have a natalie by your side.
Person A: i wish i was friends w Natalie!
Person B: i wish me would marry me!
by haha yeet June 13, 2019
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Natalie is a wonderful person. She's really genuine, kind, talented, and beautiful (but that's not something you say to her often). She's really artistic and talented but denies it. You can trust Natalie with anything. She'll never tell your secrets and will never make fun of them. You should do the same to her. Natalie is also really funny. She's the type of person you'll have a lot of inside jokes with. You'll want to spend hours talking to her, or listening to her talk, wasting time like it's nothing. She'll go on and on but you'll never get tired of hearing what she has to say. She'll make you forget you're problems and make you feel like you'll never be alone. She sometimes worries a lot too, but that's fine, she's just showing she cares. And she sometimes gets nervous when she's going to say something that is important to her and that's okay. You should show Natalie compassion and give her more hugs while you're at it.

Natalie is also a great friend. Any friend of a Natalie knows that she is kind but her actions can sometimes be misinterpreted. But, her friends know to forgive her because there's only one of her and you never want to lose her. Her friends love her very much.

If you have a Natalie, make her feel loved. And if you are Natalie, accept it. <3
I'm lucky to have Natalie. She's the best and I love her so much. I love every single thing about her. I want her to know that I really love her and that I'm a very lucky guy to have her.
by eldercito-tofu-lord May 20, 2019
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Natalie is the sweetest girl you can ever meet, she is kind, supportive, and always respect your decisions.
A:I love how natalie is so kind and supportive
B: i know right?
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by DepressedKiona July 26, 2019
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Natalie's such a cool, sweet and wholesome girl who deserves all the best things and panda bears in the world. She has such a lovely, cheerful and heartwarming personality and brings joy to all the people in her life. She is very pretty and cute but she often doubts herself. She has beautiful dark brown eyes and her hair is often colorful just like her heart. She appreciates love and friendship so much and cares a lot about her friends. Any person who knows her would feel really lucky and grateful to have her in their life. She is always there for you and is so understanding and supportive of your problems but she usually doesn't like troubling others with hers. She is very smart, funny, creative and draws beautiful pictures. She is playful and carefree but is really mature when she needs to be. She sticks with you even at the lowest points in your life and eases your pain with her love and support. Even though she has had a hard time in the past and had her own share of problems, she loves and cares about people a lot. She always believes in you, motivates and encourages you even when you think you have failed in life. She praises you even for the small things you do and is always proud of you. All the people who know her and the whole world is so blessed with her.
Natalie, I love you so much!

Random person: Eww, Natalie's such a thot!
Natalie's bestie: If you talk about natalie like that, I'll tear you down to pieces!
by narcoticpoison July 04, 2019
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The female name would be the most classical French-made name you will ever hear. If you're lucky enough to meet a superior with that name, then you might consider yourself lucky.
Because the superior of all Natalies is truely special. She's not just chaotically funny, charmingly gorgeous, madly intelligent, sweet as a cute little bunny and a darn cyborg-armed werewolf slytherin. She can have many issues with herself... and others. She can be a messed up unstable fucker sometimes.
But that doesn't make her any less perfect than the person she already is.

She's also a little daithi by the way.
"Who's Natalie?"
"Wrong question. Prepare to be terrorised."
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by Prepare to be Terrorised April 19, 2020
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Natalie is a very beautiful, smart, kind, intelligent girl. At first she might be shy but once you get to know her she is funny, awesome, and humorous. She also is sensitive, but doesn't let it show because she doesn't want those around her to worry. She is very caring. And last but not least she's one hell of a badass! Everyone should have a Natalie in their life, it makes it 10x better.
Ryan: Woah did you see Natalie today?
Jack: Yeah, I wish I'd have a girl like that.
by Finished September 07, 2017
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