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A true Irish legend. Funny and entertaining, and has an uncanny ability to remember such extraordinary facts!
That guy know's everything on wikipedia, he must be a daithi.
by Toldo May 08, 2008
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Daithi is usually a cute Irish boy or man that had or is in some kind of a relationship with Scottish girl or woman he is really funny ,kind and amazing to sit and talk with he has been out with many girls or has lots of people that have crushes on him
Person 1Have you seen that boy over there

person2 oh he’s definitely a daithi

person1 how do u know

person2 just look how hot he is
person1 true
by Mr nobody x July 09, 2018
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A person who has red or ginger hair. In extreme cases it may be diagnosed as a disease, gingivitis. Attention seeking and self pleasure are a few of a daithi's characteristics.
In giving birth to one the parents may exclaim: "oh you gotta be jokin me..its a Daithi!
by Toldo May 06, 2008
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