Ran for governor, than he put the cookie down, than became a sexual predator, than he jingled ALL THE FUCKING WAY
by CatBroPapy August 26, 2017
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An Irish Youtuber who is severely underrated. Also screams fuck a lot. Also also is a better version of Nogla and Jacksepticeye. Also also also gets forced to do the voice often.
That’s such a Terroriser spot.
Terroriser YOUR A CUNT.
Oh no the Terroriser Sound board again. *Shave my balls* *Mmmhmm*
by Shaboingboing71 August 6, 2019
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A irland youtuber and is also a friend of vanossgaming, H2O delerious, and Miniladd.
by philip ritzmann May 14, 2017
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the act of completely and utterly raping sumone of their self respect. the recipient of the terrorising is left to felt like he has his trousers down and is taking repeated ass rapings from Lex Steele and Britains entire naval fleet
i terrorised you in a fashion

Look at you, you took a fuckin terrorisin
by J May 4, 2005
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A phrase that is used when “The Terroriser” and his friends like “Vanoss”, “IAmWildcat”, and others in Gmod Prop Hunt when either one or every hider found a spot that is mainly a try hard position that’s mainly impossible to be found (unless they knew the spot before).
This is the most Terroriser spot in this game! They’ll never find us!
by RD_Gaming February 3, 2018
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A term used by the Vanoss Crew when they're playing Garry's Mod (Usually Prop Hunt) and they find an absolutely outrageous hiding spot that can really only be discovered by accident. The spot in question is also usually difficult for impossible to hit, which complicates matters further for the seekers

When a Terroriser Spot is discovered, the round will always consist of the hiders relentlessly taunting the seekers until either the seekers manage to find the impossible spot, or when the hiders win.
*Hides behind a vending machine as a soda can*

Hoohoo, this is a Terroriser Spot!
by Someone who kinda exists January 2, 2022
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