A shy but cool friend. She’s brave and smart but doesn’t really see it. It is incredibly gorgeous. She is not very popular but a lot of guys have crushes on her but are too afraid to admit it. She always tries her hardest to make new friends everyday but she does not take shit so watch out. She has often doubts herself which makes her works her ass off. She seems like a quiet, shy and not really an interesting person to talk to but once you get to know her she is a friendly, happy, loud, talkative person. The ways she looks at you straight into your eyes makes you immediately fall in love with her. She is also unexpectedly a badass they been thought some shit, she is not afraid of tell you straight to you face if your being an asshole. If you ever find Natalie keep her because she is worth it.
“Wow Natalie makes my day
“She’s so beautiful she must be a Natalie
by Catalie May 12, 2019
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She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, and also the most beautiful, cute, funny, and love able person ever. She seems a bit shy at first but once you meet her she is amazing. You will be so over joyed that you were able to meet her. Not only is she amazing but also one of the smartest people I know. She is willing to help you when you are in need and she is always there to care for you. Also she gives the best hugs and her eyes are beautiful. Over all she is so amazing!
by TheLittestBoy September 25, 2019
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A gorgeous sweet girl who many people mistake as being a supermodel. Has a rocking body with sexy curves, radiant soft skin and gorgeous thick hair which all guys want to run thier hands through. Can be shy at first but when people get to know her they will discover they've made a friend for life, a natalie is the bestest friend you could ever get, she has a hilarious sense of humour and often gives people stitches. Boys throw themselves at natalies, they love her delicious kissing, she's utterly deseriable and every guy wants a piece of her. They get lost in her big dazzling eyes framed by thick dark lashes. And can't help but kiss her when they see her full edible lips, they think she has the most beautiful captivating smile. Guys drool at her long slim legs and perfect boobs. Hates getting into arguements with people and has trouble with choosing the right friends. But when she does find the right friends she becomes bubbly,chatty and a laugh. Girls are jealous about her beauty probablly because she's one of the few girls who are beautiful inside and out. Is very hurt when she hears people talking about her behind her back and wonders what she ever did to them? At a party she captures everybodys eye with her foxy dress style, guys find her very alluring. She enjoys match-making her friends with hot guys, gives the best advice and is always there for a girly chat. A Natalie is everything a guy could want sexy, smart, funny, adorable and amazing in bed.
Nataliesexy A sexual beast Supermodel Full lips Great Friend Rocking body alluring radiant
by Tali_re September 04, 2011
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A beautiful, talented, athletic, and determined girl who always sees the good in people. She has an amazing sense of humor and lights up a room with her smile. Her beauty shines through no matter what the occasion. She puts her whole heart into everything she persues. Though they might not see it, she cherishes her friends more than anything in the world and would do anything for them. She loves having a good time and takes each day as a blessing. She is every guy's dream girl; smart, pretty, and funny. She is truly an angel sent from above.
That girl is absolutely amazing, must be a Natalie.
Wow, she's perfect, must be a Natalie
by hbcali6233 August 29, 2010
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A very sweet girl. She's very smart and tries to be nice to everyone. A beautiful girl who's always trying to make people happy. A good friend whom you can trust. An animal lover. She loves being with her friends. She is only mean when you annoy the shit out of her. A fun-loving girl that loves everybody and doesn't take crap froma anyone!
Natalie is so pretty and kind!
I wish I can be Natalie's best friend!
by RealTalker February 22, 2012
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A girl with the heart of an angel, the mouth of a sailor and the beauty of a goddess. she doesnt see her beauty but everyone around her does. She's insecure and is unhappy with her body but is slowly trimming down the weight. Easy to talk to and always has a smile on her face. she hides all of her sadness in that smile. keeping her feelings held tight and when she finally lets it out, she's aggressive. dont get on her bad side she will beat the crap out of you, she'll always be there for you and will always have your back. so caring she can kill you with her kindness. family and friends are her life, leave her with no reason behind it and you will leave her in tears. she knows how to have a good time. you will never go wrong with a girl named natalie.
I love natalie, she's always there for me. She's my bestfriend.

Damn natalie's soo hot i wish she would suck my cock.
by s0megirlnig November 27, 2011
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a girl who is nice, funny, sweet, and pretty. some one who can be really shy at first, but once you get to know her she opens up and turns out to be really nice. she loves art, even if she isnt the best at it. she has long eye lashes and pretty tan. she is one of the bestest friends you'll ever have, and any one would be lucky to date her. Natalie is also very smart, so she knows her ways around things, and she tries her best to help people with problems.(:
Dannggg natalie is like the down right bon bon! u be like "whhhoooaaa mmmaannnn thats a natalie right there! she gots all signs of perfection!! i know who my next friend will be!" and then some one else will be all like "uuuh naww. she is gonna be mine weather u like it or not cuz i am smokin." &&& then the other person be all like "pppssshhhh i bet she wont go for eaither of us, cuz dude.....she waayyy outta our leage......." then the other guy will be all like "yeah, but......wait, ppsh! ur just tryinmg to change my mind, i got the pooowerr! I ALREADY EAT THE TACOS OF WISDOM SO BYE!" skaduche,
by An Awesome Person ;) October 31, 2011
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