One of the Anglo living in Africa.
{Often called AAs}
(The Anglo are English-speaking people of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic descent who are scattered accross the world.)

In Kenya and southern Africa, the Anglo have established a nice culture with strong allegiance to the Crown.

Somewhat similar to the Anglo Australia culture, they are fond of 'braais' (barbecues) and trekking in the Bush.

The number 1 storybook for AAs is Sir Percy Fitzpatrick's "Jock of the Bushveld", which describes his journey as a wagondriver with his dog Jock in the Bush.

Principally there are 5 branches of the AAs: the Kirklanders (Kenya), the Rhodesians (around the Zambezi river), the Natalians (South Africa's East Coast), the Albany (South Africa's South Coast) and the Aprilians (around Cape Town).
Prominent Anglo Africans have been Rhodes, Livingstone and Ian Smith.
by Ruks March 22, 2005
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