A person or persons who are a cross between Asian and African American decent. Typically this person has predominate Asian appearances with African American traits.
Jeff typically annoyed his coworkers, and in most cases many of them hated him. In anger, they called him "Nasian" behind his back, and to his face for those of us with balls. Jeff did not understand this, so this article was created for him, and others who are jerks of this nature.
by BillyGDog November 05, 2010
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An asian who has the name Nate, Nathan, or Nathanael. He most likely has other friends who are also named Nate, but only he is Asian. He's probably from Arizona because the are not alot of Asians there, but alot of Nates.
by Kuzco March 26, 2008
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Compound adjective from 'not Asian'. A person whose physical appearance makes him or her appear to be of Asian descent though in fact he or she is not.
"Check out that Nasian chick, I can't believe she is not of Asian descent."
by bilhemina December 02, 2007
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Non-Asian. Used when referring to a minority of white, black, or hispanic persons in a large group of oriental peoples at a library.
I'm at the library studying, and I'm the only Nasian here dude.
by CuBoulderBro January 30, 2011
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