Currently, the largest protestant denomination. They believe the following:

1.The scriptures (Bible) are the inerrant Word of God.

2.Trinity (ONE God in 3 persons, who are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit)

3.Salvation is by grace alone. (You cannot work your way to heaven)

4.Once Saved Always Saved (That is, you cannot lose your salvation)

5.Man's nature is sinful.

6.Baptism by immersion. Baptism is a picture of your salvation and it does not save you.

Well, those are some of the basic fundamental beliefs that Southern Baptists have.
Southern Baptists go by what the Bible says alone.
by JohnJohn1186 November 5, 2004
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The most hypocrtical and narrow minded religion in the United States, and possibly the world. Not only is it bad enough they are Protestant, they bash everyone who is not of their church and condemn everybody to hell, including Gays, non Christians, and even other Christians like Roman Catholics and Greek/Russian Orthodox members. They are in company with the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson--they are the epitome of hypocrisy.
Jerry Falwell said 9/11 was America's fault because of gays.
by Jo Jo February 3, 2005
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A sect of Protestant Christianity in the south east United States that are known for their very Caucasian congregations, believe in the absolute word by word truth of the King James version of the Bible, and perpetuate themselves by having their deacons find replacement preachers that will not disturb their fundamentalist and far-right theology. Sect is characterized by rampant hypocrisy, prejudice, racial intolerance, bigotry, small-mindedness, and an unenlightened view of the world and social change.

Waspish country clubs without the tennis courts.
My uncle was a Southern Baptist preacher. He hated Jews, blacks, gays, and anyone on welfare; but he preached that Jesus loved everyone.
by Bill Garnett July 22, 2004
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The most narrow minded religion in the world, which reject gays, black people, non-Christians, Atheists and all other forms of religion. They exist in America, and can be extremely racist. In all honestly, they give Christians everywhere a bad name.

If you see one, I’d advise you run, and if they get too near – shoot first, ask questions later!
Me: I'm a Christian, and my brothers an Atheist. What? No, we're normal people! No I'm not a euro piece of trash. Why am I not born in America? Because I wasn't! No, I am a Christian; I'm just not a Southern Baptist... No, wai- Ahhhhh!
by Romanblood July 23, 2007
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The Southern Baptist Convention is a far-right, White Supremacist cult founded in the 1830s for the sole purpose of defending human (specifically African-American) slavery.

While it claims to to be based on the Word of God and has trappings of Christianity, the truth of is far more sinister: The Southern Baptist Convention is a tool of the saee Anti-Christ whose machinations are responsible for corrupting our world with fascism, Stalinism, ceand Naziism.

Its creators were Southern slaveowners and their braindead sympathisers, who cried like spoiled children because the humanitarian and progressive northerners would not fund pro-slavery congregation, pay slave-owning ministers, or support pro-slavery missionary activity.

Northerners, progressive Southerners, and African-American southerners continue to serve our Lord and Saviour as the American Baptist Convention, while Southern Baptists have gone on to stand up for racial segregation, homophobia, misogyny, theocracy, and reactionary nationalism. Through the control of the Republican Party and the DLC (both of which they share with corporate interests), Southern Baptists continue to inflict hate, pain, and suffering upon America and upon the world.
Jerry Falwell, a prominent hatemonger affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, supported racial segregation until it became so politically unacceptable to do so that his career hand his ability to defraud people by exploiting their faith would have been ruined. Likewise, both Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have used their disgusting faith as excuses to launch tirades against social liberals, women, homosexuals, the working classes, and religious minorities.
by CommieCowboy February 21, 2006
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Yet another one of those groups like soccer moms and Mormons who would rather have everyone else around them feel as pathetic as themselves.

Some of their known atrocities include burning books, promoting an "abstinence-only" approach to sex ed, and eroding women's lives (not only on the right to choose, but to the sickening degree of "a woman's place is in the home" that wasn't present in the time of Leave It to Beaver.)

As with any possible religious fundy, not all Southern Baptists follow these retrovisionist beliefs. Take with a full shaker of salt.
First the Jehova's Witnesses last Monday, now the Southern Baptists? Jenny, get my gun.
by Dee A. Theis August 28, 2003
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A religion that is often misconceived as hating people who are different but still talking about Jesus. This is not what southern baptists are about at all. they try to embrace everyone and know that Jesus died for EVERYONES sins not just certain peoples
guy1:i have southern baptist they are such hypocrites

passerbyer: thats not true they love every one
by HG12 December 24, 2008
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