The act of leaving one square of toilet paper on the roll for the next person.
Thanks for pulling a Sheryl Crow on me. I had to wipe with the cardboard tube.
by dukeness January 20, 2012
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A very talented multi-platinum rock singer-songwriter, known for many singles such as All I Wanna Do and The First Cut is the Deepest.
Sheryl Crow is one of the best musicians out there.
by wingkon December 7, 2009
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One who defines themselves by taking a contrarian view on political issues, even if it is an assanine view.
Sheryl Crow is a Saddam Hussein loving ditz.
by reality_bites78 September 9, 2004
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Good rock singer that, for some reason is viewed as a hottie despite the fact that she has quite an ugly face.
One of Sheryl Crow's best success is "The first cut is the deepest", an absolutely amazing song wrote by Cat stevens in the 70s
by Evincar October 30, 2004
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To use a small amount of toilet paper when wiping.
Damn it! I took a crap without realizing I was almost out of toilet paper and I had to pull a Sheryl Crow! My ass stank all day!
by Trent Keyes April 29, 2007
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