An all around perfect girl. Will joke around with the boys while being an absolute smoke show. Fun to hang out with and extremely hot.
“That girl is an absolute nailgun, she’s hot AF and is a complete guy chick, she’s turning me on.”
by Brycebooty21 July 6, 2021
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“It’s loud, it’s powerful, it’s fuckin’ BOOM- like you know what I mean- it’s like- it’s like- you- like the whole neighborhood shakes when you hear a nailgun. That’s a fuckin’ nailgun. That’s why I’m the nailgun. Ahah! Its- that’s it! But I’m not like one of the nail guns you plug into the wall you get from like, Home Depot, I’m one you plug into a fuckin’ compressor- and you fuckin- and you just- BOOM BOOM- like, y’know what I mean!? Like, that’s a nailgun.”
Couple of local nailguns getting at it today
by HarverdIsCalling March 10, 2023
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A tool, albeit one that uses girls rather than being used by them. A douche; leads girls on; heart breaker; hypocritical; believes that he's "different" and "respectful to women" when he's one of the worst to them.
Audrey: He dumped her for her best friend, then broke her heart for some underage girl who offered him sex.
Shelley: He's such a fucking nailgun, doing all of that and still claiming that he's soo nice to women.
Audrey: I know, right?
by Shelleyyyyyy December 26, 2011
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The sexual act of inserting a nailgun into the anus of your partner and firing it repeatedly, usually resulting in death or serious injury.
Guy #1: Dude I totally was Nailgunning my girlfriend last night.
Guy#2: How was it?
Guy #1:It was awful. I had to drive her to the hospital afterwards...she didn't make it.
by rustynail$$$ April 13, 2011
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Sex when one or both partners have a gun held to their head by the other partner.
Nailgunnin' on a friday night, ALRIGHT!
by Herschel Quintron December 30, 2004
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having anal intercourse with a flexible women in the gymnastics position, her legs behind head while you pleasure her
dude i could totally pull off a gymnastic nailgun with sean johnson *famouse olympic gymnast
by firemartinifire June 5, 2009
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Coolest musician ever to come out of Europe, bow down to him now

Quab A Twab
I am on my knees bowing to my leader Nailgun Luxembourg
by Guns of Belgium March 29, 2005
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