National Association of Gals.

Woman who won’t let up. Even when most would...or should. No man is safe. Any man must have NAG approval before speaking....or thinking. One week a month NAG knuckles down and Is very stringent. In that week they gather at the blood river to orchestrate their plan of actions.
Charles: you want to go get a drink?
Dave: I have to get NAG approval first
Charles: didn’t she just get back from the river?
Dave: unfortunately

Charles:alright then, I guess that’s a no
by Jd02 August 6, 2020
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What your mother does:
-When you don’t clean your room.
-When you procrastinate your homework..and end up not doing it until after AdultSwim.
-When you’re 22, and still living in her house
-"Damnit. Last night I told that HO to shut up..but she just kept on nagging.."
by SECKSbot September 10, 2005
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NAG was an incredible group of badasses who ruined everyone's day in EverQuest. Activities included training Dragon raids, causing mass NPC fights in Shadow Haven, and generally just being totally rad. NAG was lead by Nytro, who was much like Hitler, except for the genocide.
You're as cool as NAG!
by Nytro October 8, 2004
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Nag. A nag is short for, New age gentleman

Means a Gentleman Online and in real life.
Girl 1: Hey I have been talking to gerald

Girl 2: How is it?

Girl 1: Nice and fun but he seems like a NAG
by Hadi OG May 18, 2015
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"Naval Academy Girlfriend" - the term affectionately bestowed upon the girlfriends of the United States Naval Academy (a prison-like college where Midshipmen (students) are put through many trials and tribulations which ultimately affect the life of their NAG). These women band together and have formed a sisterhood to support each other and their boyfriend/fiance.
Midshipmen A: Did you hear they changed the weekend policy?

Midshipmen B: Yeah, my NAG told me that a week ago. They find out everything before we do... it's scary.

Midshipman A: *sigh* I wish I had a NAG...
by 15jabroni December 16, 2011
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Me: damn she is such a nag yo

Jane: Yeah man, you're really lucky to have someone so nice and great.
by m4nder April 23, 2013
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