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Legend says it is the oldest town in Texas. The home of Stephen F. Austin State University - which is the only reason it's on the Texas state map in the first place. Commonly called Nac-a-nowhere, for two reasons:

1. It's in the middle of nowhere
2. If you know where it is, you are a true Texan

There is always a party to be found in Nacogdoches, primarily because of SFA, and because there is nothing else to do in Nacogdoches but party.
Texan #1: I'm going to college in Nacogdoches
Texan #2: What the hell is there to do in Nacogdoches?
Texan #1: .......Uh.
by FarashaServal October 12, 2008
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u cant go anywhere in nac-town without bein in the hood/boondocks, most people are "gothinc" "punk" or "redneck" and noone in the entire town gives a fuck about anything
nacogdoches is like a town party
by b.a.m.f January 21, 2008
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