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Term used in SCV to refer to any kind of smaller vape. Most of the time containing high amounts of nicotine.
similar to a juul but nobody uses a juul in scv.
Canyon student #1: hey dawg can I hit your nac.

Canyon student #2: yeah for sure i got chu.
by Father Josh December 04, 2019
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Apr 23 Word of the Day
1. noun. It is the sudden feeling of an inexplicable joy one gets when something romantic or idealistic occurs.

When kilig, one may experience the following:

*butterflies in one's stomach
*heart melting
*shivers down one's spine
*irrepressible noises from one's mouth
*uncontrollable smiling
*an inner conflict between hope of something wished for and reality

Kilig may also be defined as that mountain top, floating, on cloud nine, invincible, i-could-keep-smiling, heart aching goodness and feeling which overpowers the mind's ability to think straight, act straight, breathe properly and articulate thoughts into a single comprehensible sentence.
KILIGS much?? ^_^
by mis2n.yoo June 07, 2011
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Not a convict,
New age inmates that don't follow the prison code.
People that are more along the lines of being a tool bag and running risk of getting beat up in prison due to immaturity.
Don't listen to that NAC.
by mesheef December 18, 2013
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In a trickshot, is a swap that is fast.
Yo I just hit the instaswap nac on cod4.
by Mewzki April 03, 2016
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(Pejorative) Jail/prison acronym for "non affiliated caucasian". Used in reference to a caucasian who's not clicked up with the Peckerwoods.
That dude's a NAC. Don't hit us up about his debt. It's all you homey.
by leminyelloblak December 09, 2012
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Abbreviation for "Not A Chance".... pronounced as nack. It is a negative form of expression implying that the individual does not intend or want to do something, etc. It can also be applied that some situation is impossible of occurrence.
Guy 1 - "Dude you wanna get hammered tonight?"
Guy 2 - "Nac, I got an 8 AM tomorrow."

Girl - "Do you guys have any vodka for me?"
Guy - "NAC broad! get the f out"
by Mister Teeeee January 13, 2010
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