Term used in SCV to refer to any kind of smaller vape. Most of the time containing high amounts of nicotine.
similar to a juul but nobody uses a juul in scv.
Canyon student #1: hey dawg can I hit your nac.

Canyon student #2: yeah for sure i got chu.
by Father Josh December 04, 2019
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term used strictly in the scv highschools for a 50 nic device.. my recommendation is the air or the drop they hit very smoothly though burn often
ayy dawg can i hit your nac-bucko
by mr.bucko February 27, 2019
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used online for bullitens and blogs short for "Not a Chain" because chain letters are posted a lot
(Bulliten title) "OPEN THIS! (nac!)"

and then inside they post what they really want to say
by DannyFannyDAnimal March 17, 2008
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Creepin around with all kinds of different chicks. NAC ing
by dilf July 20, 2006
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Denotes The Nac (i.e, the The Farmenac (i.e, The Old Dirty Farmenac (a.k.a the Old Dirty Farmenac of Cheeks, The Old Dirty Farmer.))) See: "Farmenac"

A mystical Tome owned by one Cheeks, the Old Dirty Farmer: an obscure motherfucker you don't know 'bout. The Nac is consulted at all crucial moments and all moments great peril; from therein comes all motherfucking truth, son. The Nac is to be consulted during all great moments of jubilation and inspiration. Within The Nac resides the collective scribblings of Jon and Cheekaboo's ridaculous imaginations, and is to be fucked with under no circumstances. We are the architects, worker ant. And woe to the bitch-piggy who comes crawlin' when Cheeks and Jonny are hole'd up in that tore-ass crib of theres, deep in the process, yo. The shit will give your mom nightmares, rolla.
"yo, consult the nac, Cheekaboo"
"already on it, tank."

by cheekaboo johnson April 11, 2006
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A self obsessed hypocrite bitch who says she doesn’t like drama yet she slithers into all of it. Seems nice but not really inside. wants to take her time with you then moves on.
Fuck that hoe cause she a nac nac
by Yeye ya February 19, 2018
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