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Term used in SCV to refer to any kind of smaller vape. Most of the time containing high amounts of nicotine.
similar to a juul but nobody uses a juul in scv.
Saugus student #1: hey dawg can I hit your nac.

Saugus student #2: yeah for sure i got chu.
by Scratchh November 01, 2018
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Not a convict,
New age inmates that don't follow the prison code.
People that are more along the lines of being a tool bag and running risk of getting beat up in prison due to immaturity.
Don't listen to that NAC.
by mesheef December 18, 2013
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(Pejorative) Jail/prison acronym for "non affiliated caucasian". Used in reference to a caucasian who's not clicked up with the Peckerwoods.
That dude's a NAC. Don't hit us up about his debt. It's all you homey.
by leminyelloblak December 09, 2012
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a short abbreviation which is also known as " nigga ass CUNT" u must emphasize the word cunt to make it a full affect
person 1: yo man, my teacher is a fuckface man shit i got a 65 on my concept maps
person 2: LOL what a NAC

Example (2)

person 1: shit man my teacher is trying to rape me! in class!
person 2: what a nigga ass CUNT!
by K_von June 16, 2008
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In a trickshot, is a swap that is fast.
Yo I just hit the instaswap nac on cod4.
by Mewzki June 26, 2016
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Abbreviation for "Not A Chance".... pronounced as nack. It is a negative form of expression implying that the individual does not intend or want to do something, etc. It can also be applied that some situation is impossible of occurrence.
Guy 1 - "Dude you wanna get hammered tonight?"
Guy 2 - "Nac, I got an 8 AM tomorrow."

Girl - "Do you guys have any vodka for me?"
Guy - "NAC broad! get the f out"
by Mister Teeeee January 13, 2010
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not a checkpoint friend
the awkward person
the one out of the loop
I can't believe that NAC is having a party, especially since nobody knows who he is

OMG! The king NAC just sent this broad a pic of his chode to get his rep up
by The Big Bad Plog February 10, 2011
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