An acronym with multiple meanings:
1. Sweet Fuck All;
2. Smelly Fat Arse/Ass;
3. Sweet Fanny Adams;
4. Sad Fucking Act;

There are probably more than the ones listed here, but you can see from context that there is nothing good about any of them, so if someone uses SFA and your name in the same sentence they ain’t paying you a compliment.
Malcolm has:
1. SFA in the way of brains;
2. A very large SFA;
3. Is worth SFA to the organisation;
4. and is a complete SFA.
by AKACroatalin October 04, 2016
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Acronym for "smile for a second"
Similar to laugh out loud, this is used in internet communication when the user simply smiles for a second, literally, as opposed to laughing out loud.
1: Tacobell!
2: Good times. sfas
by sjpajy March 24, 2010
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1.sex, fun, and alcohol
2.university in east texas where all they do is drink and screw.
Kim goes to SFA. She is a drunken slutball.
by Margeaux October 19, 2005
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Sweet Fuck All. Very little or nothing. This phrase is believed to have originated in Southern Ontario.
High school was useless. I went for 5 years and have sfa to show for it.
by Firehead April 27, 2006
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