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(1) The state in which one finds himself after an period of intense, protracted drunkenness, often characterized by multiple days and nights without eating or sleeping indoors;

(2) A condition of inebriation only ever reached by American screen actor Nick Nolte, as depicted in the timeless "Nick Nolte Mug Shot" of September 11, 2002;

(3) To be crunked while coated with a thick layer of duckbutter.
"Dude -- Happy Birthday!! Do you want to do some shot-skis!!??"

"Oh my God dude, Yes! The last time I did those I woke up totally NOLTE in the alley the next day, completely naked!"

"So I heard you guys took a trip last year to Vegas!?"

"Oh my God, it was Nolte from the beginning!!?"

"How did last night wind up??!"

"No idea dude. I was Nolte from dinner on!! I just remember waking up on the couch completely naked, with no idea what time or day it was!"
by Gerald789 February 13, 2009
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A shit. The word 'shit' said in the style / accent of film star nick note.
I'm just gonna go for a quick nolte.
by steve van damme July 12, 2014
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