A picture of a person's face, especially those in police files.
There is a mug shot of the escaped convict in the newspaper.
by Gzero November 5, 2005
Its the act of shooting a load on some bitches face.
Mug shots aren't just for convicts.
by Griz December 14, 2004
when ur doing a girl in the ass n then u spit on her back so that she thinks you cumd but then when she turns around to look you skeet in her face
i was fucking this bicth in the ass n i gave her a mug shot
by Itriedthisshit06 August 1, 2006
Trying to take a picture of your eyes while high. It always comes out like a shitty mug shot.
Caitlin: What is this picture on my phone from?!

Kenzie: Oh, I just wanted to see how red my eyes were last night...Its my High Mug Shot...
by GoodCallGirls November 12, 2011
1. A picture taken to identify a criminal
2. When a mug is shot with a bullet from a firearm
1. We just got done taking prisoner 35664's mug shot.
2. Woah! I got a mug shot!
by BLM_BangLocalMilfs February 18, 2022