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Term used to describe a girl who is just plain NASTY but not in the "infested with diseases type" nasty... just viciously NASTY! Often, people have lovingly applied such letters as an initial for someone who is Nasty as in Nasty McNasty... or Nancy McNasty!
Daamnn... did you hear what that NMN just said?? That was just straight-up NASTY that I can't even reiterate what she just said!
by Refrigerator Bandit February 03, 2010
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No Middle Name. used on school report card to show that a person does not have a middle name. Used most commonly on Asian people.
ho, sam nmn

to, vimin nmn

xu, tom nmn
by Rick Chez January 13, 2007
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An abbreviation for No More Nukes.

This abbreviation has been placed on blank images, facebook posting, chat rooms, stickers. In a kind of attempt at a silent campaign. When the letters are left just alone it makes people ask what do they stand for. They will then go online and read something like this
Bobzilla112 (in a chat room): N.m.N ! N.m.N ! N.m.N ! pass it on to your peeps !
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by Theamazinggeek March 13, 2018
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