Non-fungible token.

An irreplaceable award, often described in the music industry to label a physical trophy distributed by an artist to one lucky winner.

“Non-fungible”, meaning unique and one-of-a-kind. “Token”, as in an award or trophy

Not all NFTs are free or involved in a giveaway. An NFT may be used in a raffle or bidding. However, the highest bid nor total raffle amount determines the value of the NFT. After all, it is meant to be the only existing one of its kind.
Person 1: Yo, my favorite artist is dropping an NFT. We should enter to win.
Person 2: If I don’t need to pay to enter then I’m down, let’s win this!
by MasonMUS March 30, 2021
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an acronym meaning "Naked FaceTime". When two people, possessing video-chat-compatible smartphones, have a FaceTime phone call while naked. Can also be expanded to "NFTIB", meaning "Naked FaceTime In Bed".
Girl: I'd love to, but i'm going back to Europe tomorrow.
Guy: That's cool I guess. NFT me.
by 1 Studly Muffin December 8, 2010
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Short for non-fungible token.

It's mostly just an ugly worthless digital product that people buy and sell. They can be worth from $1 to more than $1000 and all you do with them is flex and nothing else. They're usually something in-game or a PNG. Sellers hate them being screenshot.

An example of an NFT is the Doge.
Jude: Look guys, I just bought an NFT costing $5,000!
Everybody: WHOO CARES
by Sapphire_WasTaken December 18, 2021
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Non-Fungible T-Shirt
A T-Shirt that is not replaceable usually because of a stain or sentimental value.
Jeff: "Im so sorry I spilled wine on your T-Shirt! I'll get that in the wash for you!"
Chad: "No worries bro, It's an NFT now. It's worth way more now!"
by SatiatedSkater February 4, 2022
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Non Flushable Turd
*Shows NFT*
Normal-Joe: Eww
by Fakely March 12, 2022
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A non-functioning testicle, or NFT, is a testicle in a human body that does not function.
That guys doctor sent him an NFT
by EDP4040450 February 2, 2022
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