a scam created by none other than junior the egomaniac (junior Grimes) internet mastermind and aspiring super villain.

Taking the internet by storm and for good reason since old J knows how gullible and susceptible people are to stupidity and it’s fees, it’s no surprise that traffic on the twittersphere consists of “oMG I WANT AN “NFT” too how about yoU??????!”
NFTs destroy the environment from the power they drive out from kilowatts, but of course if one knows junior b, then this should come as no surprise

NFT’s are further proof of human stupidity and there’s less than even a shred of hope for the internet but infinite hope for J,

Don’t buy an NFT
by HeLL0-lets get this over with January 30, 2022
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Non-fungible token

Worthless, glorified PNGs that only serve to consume a fuck-ton of electricity and to trick dipshit Crypto-nerds into buying them thinking they have value, only for the prize to completely drop in a couple of years like every crypto-scam
"Hey, look at my NFTs, they costed quite a lot"

"Just click save on the images, dumbass"
by Skybots10 September 30, 2021
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Literal definition: Non fungible token.

Actual definition that you came here for: A glorified JPEG image that shouldn’t have any worth, but for some reason sells for millions. Recently the bored ape yacht club nft collection have been very popular. NFTs are horrible as they are brainwashing our generation of celebrities as they buy them to flex their money most of the time.

NFT owners get butthurt when you screenshot their NFT and pretend to have it as a joke.
Normal guy: lol I just screenshot yes your nft now I own it

NFT owner: OMG you are unbelievable. Blockchain prevents the fact that anyone can steal it and it clearly says that I own it!! My lawyer will hear from this very soon and you will kiss your life goodbye as you will be on the street. Get ready for your life to be ruined!
by RandomAsianMan January 5, 2022
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Non flushable turd
Hey man I just made a new NFT in your bathroom, I call this one chunky monkey.
by Moister_Oister_cloister January 10, 2022
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News: DC’s new Superman figure launch’s as a NFT for 50,000
A normal person: this seems like a scam
by Combustion May 6, 2021
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a fucking .jpg image of anything that is on open seas of cryptocoin and you can just screen shot it
Nob: yo, wanna buy my nft?

Bob: nah, I can just screenshot it

Nob: picece of shit1!!1!1
by XxXdickblue1XxX November 16, 2021
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This is another abbreviation for Nice F*cking T*ts
What’s an NFT?

Nice F*cking T*ts
by Mudbonic plague December 22, 2021
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