Non-Functioning Testicles

Testicular failure occurs when the testicles run out of Ethereum which is used to produce sperm.
It occurs mostly in gen-z kids
F1: Yo I heard your dad got an NFT
F2: Oh really,

He always wanted the Lazy Lions
F1: tf bro ?
His balls stopped working
by akihua February 27, 2022
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NFT: Normal For Tiverton. Medical abbreviation used by doctors to describe a patient displaying symptoms of extreme stupidity or features suggesting the patient comes from a very small gene-pool (e.g. webbed fingers or toes)
Patient had crayon surgically removed from nostril. NFT.
by zengintepe November 6, 2011
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Imagine that you're married but your partner is constantly having sex with anyone but you, and you can do nothing but watch. The only difference, though, is that you have a marriage license. This is NFT
"Dave, your wife's been cheating on you."
"Yeah? No matter I'm the husband."
"Such an NFT! Btw, she's good."
by SexyZhouZii May 11, 2022
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NFT stands for Not Fat Titties and that's why NFTs are bad
by happu September 10, 2021
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Pictures of things that virgins sell

Often it’s a photo of a monkey that seems to be on life support, Or a few pixels or different colours
Let’s go launder our money through NFT
by MetalDog616 January 20, 2022
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Non-Fuckable Token. It is guaranteed you will never get fucked if you buy an NFT.
Austin: "What's an NFT, could somebody tell me?"
Hasan: "NFT. It's a Non-Fuckable Token. You'll never get fucked if you buy an NFT."
by DaisyTheCatgirl January 25, 2022
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