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A *Ned* is just a White lil Creature which is Ned,Ned dont like *Bleach* my friends but if you give some noice *Chlorine*,you bet that Ned will appreciate that.
Tyler and Josh brings bleach to Ned

Ned Declines the bleach

Tyler and Josh brings Chlorine

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Let’s be honest,who doesn’t wanna meet a Sena,to be true,a Sena person is....is amazing,believe it or not,they make your day amazing,it makes you happy and give you chills.Sena are dang hot and cute at the same time is like your heart melts inside while you melt inside too when you see those eyes,makes you want to stare at those beautiful eyes.You can’t get rid of Sena in your head cause you just keep thinking about them even if you don’t know why it just pop up on your head.Sena is fun and you can have a lot in common which is the best part.The best thing about it is that you can feel,safe or something warm about them and You know you can’t stand about Sena they are too perfect even if they might say their not but yeah I’m sure a Sena will make you a special day.
You better be good to Sena,You better
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