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A slang term for Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota; A wonderful artsy neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN. The neighborhood used to be dominated by eastern european immigrants. It has now changed to a cultural hotbed of many different nationalities. The neighborhood has a section know as the "arts" district, which is full of art galleries and bistros. The neighborhood is also known for having many bars and churches as well as the famous Grainbelt brewery buildings. In 2010 Schell"s brewery(owner of Grain Belt beer) released a beer called Grain Belt Nordeast, to commemorate the beer"s heritage rooted in our neighborhood. Nordeast has the lowest crime rates of any part of minneapolis, but with the constantly evolving nature of minneapolis, who knows what will happen a few years from now?
There's a bar or church on every corner in nordeast
by BrenneyMan October 07, 2010
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