NDN was the nickname of a great brown buffalo of a man from Tulsa, OK; as the eponymous Brown Buffalo of Hunter S. Thompson's works (HST's attorney, Oscar Zeta Acosta), NDN was one of God's prototypes - never intended for mass-production. With a legendary appetite for life, drink, food, and fun, NDN was an icon in several distinct national sub-communities of gamer-nerds, carnival geeks, chicks with blue hair, fire-eaters, sword-swallowers, nipple-piercers, the hirsuite, the corpulent, the French, the verbose, fans of certain touring bands named after famous firearms, and the ambiguously perverse. To this day, if you drink enough Jaggermeister to hallucinate, it is alleged that you will have a vision of The NDN...even if you've never met the man. He was a legend, and when he shuffled off this mortal coil it was as if the last of the great primeval beasts had roared once more to remind the world of his presence, and then faded into the obscurity of anecdote to sleep forever more.

Also known as Jeronimous MacFargyle to his dozens of besotted clanmates, and as Freight Train to people who may have shot at him in a mostly harmless sporting sort of way, he is remembered most fondly by people with similar jolly-pirate nicknames.

A real live Urban Legend. Yogi would be proud.
(Overheard from any number of random people without any logical connection)

"NDN? Big dude, looks like the Bodhisattva...only inebriated?"
"Hey, I think he delivered my sister's baby..."
"Dude he can spit fire! I love that guy."
"No, dude N-D-N; the man is so hip he doesn't really require vowels."
"Like the tetragrammaton?"
"Yeah...kinda. 'IMDNDN' he used to say."
by Mongus "Chainsaw" MacFargyle September 25, 2007
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Slang term for Native Americans (aka American Indians), often used by Natives themselves
My name is Clyde Begay. I'm a proud Navajo NDN, from New Mexico.
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a cool way of saying your indian...it also confuses white people
Whitey: "are you mexican?"
Indian: "no, im NDN"
by Ahyoka October 28, 2005
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"Dude, I'm so NdN it's not even fucking FUNNY!"
"I'm gonna go make an NdN Taco"
by Scott Conry October 25, 2005
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Much like the term azn, it is quickly becoming the retarded form of "Indian". It is not restricted to Native Americans or Southeast Asians.
aZn_dRaGoN: HaH, uR ScReEnAm3 5uCk5

Kumar: Yea, what's your supposed to mean?

aZn_dRaGoN: iM aN aSiAn dRaGoN

Kumar: I think I see the pattern now. Short, retarded form of ethnicity followed by a mythical creature

aZn_dRaGoN: yE dAwG

*Kumar has changed his name to nDn_ElEpHaNt*

nDn_ElEpHaNt: elephants > dragons
by ndn_goat March 31, 2006
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