Tonight your band sounded like Attahced. (Meaning YOU SUCKED)
by Ray November 19, 2003
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A metaphor for "balls" as coined by David Hobbs of SPEED during a Formula 1 broadcast.
(Jenson Button has just made a daring pass)

Hobbs: "Wow. Boy has some large attachments!"
by Geoff AF May 08, 2010
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β€œHow are you and Jess?”
β€œGreat, I woke up to some fire attachments this morning ”
by Robyn smith October 16, 2019
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A boyfriend or girlfriend who is always holding on to there girlfriend or boyfriend.
Damn the Attachment never leaves her side
by Rave6669 October 22, 2007
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A word used to replace saying either L or blunt around certain people. It is used to describe weed already rolled up in a dutch.
"yo bro Im going to the dave concert wanna come?"

"eh idk man"

"Ive got an attachment with me!"
"fuck yeah ill come!"
by Lsmokerbrod June 05, 2011
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