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No Copyright Sounds: a music label that publishes copyright-free music. Most often listened to by middle school age boys, and on rare occasion a girl. NCS publishes mostly house/electric music.
"omg sarah joined the NCS gang" my god, i feel so left out now
by oh ploof March 8, 2018
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n.: Non-Consensual Sex. Or, in other words, rape.
Used mainly by fanfiction authors as a warning.
Warning: This fic contains NCS. Don't like? Don't read.
by Kevah May 17, 2005
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no common sense- when someone does something so stupid that you just have to walk away, symptoms- saying"what" after every question, stupidity, lacking common sense,
"Oh my gosh you are so stupid you must have NCS"
by reese_darrow February 14, 2015
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"NCS" Is an abbreviation for "Nigga Cant Swim"
As obvious as the saying goes... That fuckin nigga cant swim!
We all thought it was just a joke until we realized Delquan was actually drowning... Isiah yelled out " YO! NCS! NCS!
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An abbreviated form of the term 'No Chill Squad.' It is typically used when a group of people are extremely sensitive and tend to get triggered by every little thing.
70 percent of the people on Facebook are part of the NCS, as they take nothing with a light heart.

Ram and Krishna are members of the No Chill Squad as they are infuriated by any little joke you make on them.
by Parody Lord April 27, 2017
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disease when some always makes up random dumb stories which tease other people. the stories are illogical and easily able to discern as a lie
-yesterday i was at the grocery store and i saw a girl turn into a pig and start flying.
-damn you have ncs!
by badger stu forrest October 23, 2009
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An acronym for No Cheating Shit. The equivalent of no- homo except it's used in a heterosexual way.
Jordan you look cute today NCS though
by Therealdefiner101 January 21, 2020
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