Usually an Athlete that makes it very far in sports, so if u want him to know u then , know him now . He usually gets girls that are very pretty and have long hair with nice bodies and he is very picky with his girls . He takes care of his friends a lot usually the ones he cares about and he loves his God and his family the most
Jilly: I love Isiah he is absolutely the best

Jena: I know girl let me have him when your done

Jilly: I won’t be done though
by Zeeek.__ February 28, 2018
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The fucking cutest guy you've ever met. Charming, great, and honestly the nearest thing to perfection. His smile ? Melts you. His spelling ? On point. His personality ? Close to flawless (but lets be honest, his flaws just make you fall for him more).
Friend A: Aw! Isiah is just so sweet and perfect.

You: i know... he's great ♡
by AnymOre... May 18, 2019
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The most amazing person you have ever met. He is cute and goofy. Most importantly he dedicated to helping others. He is probably the love of your life.
Girl: Isiah is so sweet.

Me: I know back off my man.
by SmartiestPersonEver July 4, 2017
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Isiah is a lovey guy who has his heart out to a red head that’s short but thin. He gives her the world but still cares for his friends. He is most likely hot with dark brown hair
How Isiah is smokin
by Girlyomanshot February 24, 2018
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If he's black most likely his dick is 10 inches but if he's white he will habe curly hair and hoes
How did Isiah get those sexy ass curls
by Zayvids October 16, 2018
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Isiah is a sweet loving person he is usually a athlete and goes out with people with dark brown hair usually people named Samantha but in all u will never meet anyone like him
Marie:Isiah is so cute
Samantha:I know back off my man
by Mind-reader December 9, 2018
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A fat ass General Cracken that perceptively touches women and tells his "Girlfriend" he didn't.
Aileen: So i heard you touched Chloe on the ass.
Isiah: No i didn't.
by ImaGine Blaze29 May 10, 2017
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