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According to the celebrated Hindu scriptures (the Bhagavad-gita, Bhagavata Purana and the Brahma-samhita), Krishna is the "bhagavan-svayam": the ultimate, highest and original manifestation of the Godhead. He is the source of all of the incarnations of Vishnu; in fact, Vishnu is a plenary expansion of Krishna. This definition is corroborated by the scriptures Mahabharata, Harivamsa, Padma Purana and the Gita-govinda, et al.

Far, far above the highest heaven is the abode of Krishna.
by Poppy McFoppy April 22, 2009
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krishna is smartest person n on earth. he knows how to deal with any person. you dont want to mess with him when he is angry. you cant win with him in an argument
you don't wana mess with him he is a krishna
by Damon Michaelson September 29, 2018
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n. Hinduism
The eighth and principal avatar of Vishnu, often depicted as a handsome young man playing a flute. He appears as a charioteer and advisor of Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita.Great leader and visionary.
by Linkin Park September 21, 2005
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The Supreme Personality of Godhead. There are many gods but there is only one God. (God told Moses at Mt Sinai: you shall have no other gods before me. If there were no other (demi-) gods or God-empowered beings, why such commandment? Being the source of everything S/He is the possessor of:

1. all beauty (in unlimited and ever-multiplying amount),

2. all knowledge/wisdom (in unlimited and ever-multiplying amount),

3. all strength (in unlimited and ever-multiplying amount),

4. all wealth (in unlimited and ever-multiplying amount),
5. all fame (in unlimited and ever-multiplying amount) and
6. all renunciation (in unlimited and ever-multiplying amount). This means that even though S/He owns all S/He is not attached to it, and is only 'conquered' by pure & unmotivated love of a devotee.
Krishna in Sanskrit means 'the-all-attractive-one'. Krishna's other names: Allah, Yahweh, Abba etc.
The Absolute Truth, Krishna, the cause of all causes Who has no other causes beyond Himself possesses an unlimited number of names and His names are non-different from Him. The above definition means that He is the source (and therefore possessor) of both masculine & feminine aspects, the supreme controller or the so-called triple 'O'-God. The omnipotent, the omnipresent & the omniscient person. God must be a person and must have a form because if He has no personality and no form He is missing what all of us have and cannot be called God. Of course, His personality and form are not material unlike ours. His transcendental bodily form is the personification of sat-cit-ananda or the eternality, knowledge and bliss. And therefore He has an unlimited number of transcendental or spiritual forms. The soul or the real us, the spark of energy that comes into the body at conception and leaves at death is in terms of quality, non-different from God. Yet in terms of the quantity, we are just an infinitesimal part of Him endowed with only one freedom - to choose to have fun with or without Him.
by Krishna-Dasa September 11, 2019
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In Hinduism and Indian mythology Krishna is the eighth avatar or reincarnation of the god Vishnu. Also Krishna is one of the most popular Hindu gods. Tradition holds that Krishna saw Vishnu in a vision in which the former deity told Krishna to destroy Kamsa son of a demon, a tyrannical ruler of the world. Krishna's mother, Devaki, was Kamsa's half-sister. Kamsa already killed her first six sons because he had been told one of her sons would kill him. Krishna' brother, Devaki's seventh child, Balarama was miraculously saved by Vishnu. Krishna was also saved when exchanged by his parents for the daughter of a herdsman Nanda and his wife Yasoda (the daughter was also a divine being, an incarnation of Maya). With his foster parents Krishna spent a happy life playing boyish pranks and seducing the gopis (cow girls) and other rustic maidens. They found his flute playing irresistible. Legend has it he may have had 16,000 wives. But his favorite was Radha, daughter of his foster father, and his childhood lover, although they did not marry.
According to legend Krishna was not only divine, but heroic as well. He is alleged to have defeated numerous dragons and monsters, and eventually as predicted, killed his half-uncle the tyrannical king Kamsa. In the epic poem 'Mahabharata' he helps the Pandavas against the Kauravas, two families in contention. In the poem Krishna is depicted as divine. Also in the poem he delivers his celebrated oration 'Bhagavad-Gita' on duty and life to the troubled Hero Arjuna, for who he was a charioteer, on the eve of the decisive battle. This speech persuaded Arjuna that it was right to fight against his kinsmen. His "Song of the Adorable One" is one of the great philosophical poems. There are certain parallels between his birth and infancy and that of Christ's which tend to link these two important figures together. In art Krishna is usually portrayed as blue-skinned.
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Krishna is usually the name of a Hindu boy who is named after the god Krishna in the Hindu religion. Krishna is a kind muscular handsome boy who is very funny and packs a lot down there if you know what im saying. Krishna will treat everyone with respect who he thinks deserves it. Krishna falls is love very quickly and can make you fall in love quickly as well. Krishna is usually a great friend and a great person to be in a relationship with. Krishna is a very naughty foolish person but when he gets serious, he gets SERIOUS.
"Krishna is a KEEPER"
by areallydumbmonkey May 07, 2019
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