An organization that has discovered the cure for AIDS/HIV. They have been protecting this information as a trade secret.
Ask Magic Johnson about the NBA's cure for AIDS.
by Itfonthefirstdate April 06, 2005
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After Larry Bird retired, the NBA was renamed the Nothing But Africans league.
by NoFussRuss June 19, 2006
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The reason why the US basketball team lost in the olympics. The NBA is no longer a team game, now it is all about "me". The NBA IS rigged by the higher ups in the NBA. THe NBA referes are probably the worst referes in ANY sport ANYWHERE in the world. They consistently make bad or no calls. They rarely call traveling even though it is traveling is committed ALL the time(usually by big stars). The refs make blatant calls to help a team get back into the game(lakers MANY times). Shaq can basically punch opposing players but if he gets touched slightly they will call a foul.
The lakers were tye NBA's team for a few years....just as the Bulls were...well they will have a new team soon...
by The Truth January 14, 2005
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