National Basketball Association. The major league of professional basketball in North America. 80% African-American. The NBA has been losing popularity ever since Michael Jordan's second retirement. Reasons for this include lack of parity, a retired player (Jordan) still being the face of the league, and stupid fans who think defense is boring to watch.
The NBA needs to replace Michael Jordan with an active player as their frontman, pronto. Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James, and Yao Ming combined do not have the drawing power of Jordan.
by Student-Athlete September 27, 2004
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National Basketball Association, one of the most entertaining sports league, and one of the most popular. It's not run by the fuckin Mafia and if you think that than go fuck yourself, cuz you don't know what the fuck your talking about. Even though it has had some problems this year, it is still a very respectable league and fans love it. The NBA also has DUNKS, which no person in the world doesn't like. It is the most fun sport to watch and even though it has mostly black people, who gives a shit? Really, who actually cares what the player's skin color is when they are crossing up someone and dunking on them, come on. Again, it is not run by the fuckin mafia, and if you can prove it, ok, but if you can't, SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop writing gay shit.
Look at Tracy McGrady cross up Kobe and wet a jumper in his eye, man I love the NBA.
by Dawg Pound January 06, 2005
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No Blacks Allowed.

Some prostitutes (providers) choose not to meet with black men. A subtle way of stating this policy when advertising their services on craigslist or other sites is to state they have an "NBA policy".
"Sorry guys, NBA policy, and Greek also not on the menu."
by LynnAshby July 09, 2009
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An acronym which stands for:
Usually used when a girl got a big ass
Yo J-Lo got a N.B.A.
by Randy A.K.A. Rizz November 17, 2005
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Nation Basketball Association, which is over looked by many people because it is said not to be a team sport. If you watched the NBA Finals you know it IS a team sport.
The Kobe's, sorry i mean the Lakers, haven't won a NBA championship since Shaq left.
by Chassidy October 28, 2006
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