Parity, a way of saying that something is similar to a parrot, usually by looks but can be by other means, if something is only slighly parity, or a bit parity is can be referred to as a parity bit.
Guy 1: I got a pet budgie.
Guy 2: Budgies are quite parity.

Guy 1: I need some toilet roll.
Guy 2: That's not parity at all.

Guy 1: I got kicked by my eagle.
Guy 2: Thats a parity bit
by David Simmonite May 9, 2006
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That exalted state of harmony in which all the residents of your sock drawer have a mate.
Now that another one of the blue socks has kicked the bucket, we are back at sock parity!
by neatnate July 31, 2013
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A process that occurs when bugs or issues introduced in one application become identically duplicated in a completely different application.
Program XYZ didn't have bug parity until we integrated parts from the other applcation into it.
by innowen May 22, 2006
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When the exchange rate of your currency with another (generally U.S. Dollar) has reached a point where it is at or above parity, taking into account the exchange fee which PayPal (or a credit institution) collects -- approximately 3%. This is significant when shopping online across the border.
The Canadian dollar's just dipped below PayPal parity! It's only worth $1.011 USD now.
by zeeroid August 8, 2011
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The accomplishment of having slept with as many men or women as one is old.
"Paul just achieved sexual age parity last week, but it'll only last about a week as he's about to turn 29. Still, he should be able to catch up pretty quickly."
by ZakAttack May 5, 2012
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synonymous with something quite annoying
he was being 4x4 last edge parity and i ran him over with mmy truck
by Willzwhenthe May 10, 2022
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a better way to easily remember wing parity algs by using the power of intonation and speech. So for example, let us take the algorithm commonly used to solve the UFr BUr parity case: l’ U2 l' U2 M' U2 l' U2 l U2 r' U2 l2.

l’ U2 would be pronounced “latoo”, using the a in “part” and the ui in “fruit”, with the emphasis on the “la” syllable.

Similiarly, M’ U2 would be pronounced “matoo”.

l U2 however, to differentiate it from l’ U2, would be less emphasised on the “la” syllable.

l2 would be the same as l u2, but the emphasis would be on the last syllable.

Other common notation can easily be extrapolated from what I have described here.
Rubix Cube parity algorithm notation
l’ U2 would be pronounced “latoo”, using the a in “part” and the ui in “fruit”, with the emphasis on the “la” syllable.

Similiarly, M’ U2 would be pronounced “matoo”.
by HungryStudent November 7, 2023
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