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Not willing to let down your guard down enough, due to an over-exaggerated perception of self, to the point you might actually keep yourself from personal gain or harm or hurt others.
Not willing to give in, selfish.. Too good to give in due to ones own perception of circumstances. Unwillingness to change. Insecurity or fear of giving in. Unknown damage to oneself... and the person doesn't care because they have "too much pride".
He had too much pride to hug her when she cried.
He had too much pride to take the ride that was offered so he walked through the stormy weather.
She had too much pride to change her ways so she stayed a hoe.
She had too much pride to fill out the lengthly application, so she continued to wait on men to take care of her even if she still would be broke, disrespected, or taken advantage of.
He had too much pride to apologize and correct his wrongs even though he knew he wasn't right, so he lost the love of his life.
by Char Recee March 10, 2016
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