A term used when describing the act of a kiss. Usually used in the present tense relating to PDA (public displays of affection)
' yeah I was talking to her an we just started kissin'

'yeah we were at the club last night kissin on the dance floor'
by morganDJ December 15, 2015
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Used among middle school kids, mainly girls. Means you are a virgin to kissing or never been kissed.
Year 7 one: OMG!!!11!1!!1!!!!!!11 I l0sT mA kISsInItY!!!!!!!!!111

Year 7 two: WOW!!!11111

Year 7 three: SlUt!!!111111!!!
by HPISCOOL September 9, 2009
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Another name for being on Purple Sprite, Sizzurp, Purple Drank, etc.

Talked about in the songs Kissin' Pink and Goldie by the rapper A$AP Rocky
"Man I be on that Kissin' Pink right now."
by Paddonald May 28, 2012
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When a brother and sister experiment their sexuality on eachother
Or just likr kissin
Mississippi kissin
Matt was caught kissin his sis under the Mississippi moon by Ma
by Hicory Dickory September 17, 2017
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Adj: describing a boring, annoying, not fun or stupid situation; something gay; something that sucks; etc.

Verb: the act of doing something really boring or gay.
Jim: "Hey Bob, what did you do last night?"
Bob: "Oh I had to go to this cancer benefit with this girl I'm trying to nail. It was such kissin' dudes.

Fred: "Why weren't you at the party last night?"
Anthony: "I was kissin' dudes with my girlfriend and her parents instead. It sucked mad hard!"
by Aballs April 29, 2011
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dude last night was crazy before i fucked her all i was doing was Kissin' Pink
by OOhyasssss September 8, 2015
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1. Another term for “ass kissing” or “brown nosing”. It means to pander to the emotions of a superior in hopes the superior will reward the subordinate with raises, promotions, special privileges, and the like. It is a disgusting thing to watch.
2. Another term for “sucking” or being “sorry”, particularly in the context of video games.

Inspired by Mia X’s rap on the song “Ghetto Symphony”.
Look at Dave laughing with the boss. I’m so sick of his dick kissin'.

Oh man! I’m already near the finish line and you’re still at the first turn dick kissin'.
by MastaRoe July 10, 2011
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