Something that is both mysterious, yet hysterically funny all at the very same time.
Travis: We were wondering if you carried Mr. Pibb?
Lady: Um, no, i don't think so...
Travis: (laughing) Its turning out to be very hard to find, we thought you might carry it...darn...
Lady: Yes, locating it can be quite mysterical...
Travis: Right...wait is that even a word...

(it is now)
by Carson Spence November 08, 2007
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When you're not sure if a situation merits reverent awe, or pee-your-pants laughter.
We experienced a mysterical moment when, gathering on the dry lake-bed playa at sunrise to meditate upon the birth of a new day, our solemn reverie was interrupted by an enormous, motorized pink hedgehog, backfiring and farting across the horizon.
by Mish/ButeoBliss September 26, 2010
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when something is mystical and mysterious, it is mysterical
I was walking through the deserted forest, the atmosphere was quite mysterical
by 30h5 March 27, 2015
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Mysterically is a word that has yet to be defined by the english dictionary but is used in many culture's vocabulary to include: Germany, France, Pakistan, Iraq, and even Iran. It is meant to show that something has happened that there is no real reasoning for.
My backpacks mysterically disappear from my room when my friends are there.
by BigDawg78 March 01, 2011
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The Legend of Alexmyster007 lies here. It shows how great of a person he is and how he will always be better than you
Myster is so sick. I wish i was him.
by Myster fan69 March 11, 2021
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