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In reference to myspace. When one gains knowledge about another's social life via myspace. This is usually done by reading pages and pages of comments and scanning through About Me sections obsessively.
liz: katy broke up with nate and hooked up with sam over the weekend.

kara: when did you talk to katy?

liz: oh i didn't. i just did some serious mystalking.
by kaara March 21, 2006
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Someone who follows the lives of their friends, or strangers, via their Myspace pages.
Figuring out that your ex-boyfriend has moved on, by mystalking his relationship status section
by Jenn Tisdale May 07, 2007
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stalking someone through the guise of myspace, whether it be through multiple page views or scouring of comments (and those left BY said person to others), yet without this person having any idea of the lurking.
mystalking is a serious crime.

ever wondered why your page views went up 500 times in an hour? yeahh, i was just mystalking you &heartzzz;
by mystalkersanonymous October 27, 2006
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Stalking done via MySpace, "spying" on people by checking their page obsessively for details such as last login time/date, who is commenting, changes to list of friends, pages of those "friends" for evidence of contact with victim.
An overall ridiculous waste of time and substitute for real life activities & relationships.
So have you gone out with Steve again?
No but I've been mystalking him and that skank totally left him comments about them hanging out 2 nights ago, and he's in her top 8, and he blocked me from emailing him...
by booty-call expert April 17, 2006
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Obsessively looking at a person's myspace page to check up on them. often done by reading their comments or keeping tabs on their top friends etc.
"I found out that they broke up while I was mystalking his page. There were all these nasty comments from her, she's not in his top friend's any more and he had deleted all the photos of the two of them together."
by something62 May 03, 2009
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The act of blind messaging people on myspace to the point of annoyance.
yeah man, i got blocked from that bitch...she claimed i was mystalking her.
by Spr4wl February 15, 2008
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