She’s pretty and smart. She’s a nice caring girl who doesn’t give tolerance for idiots. She loves baby’s!
Mylan is a good hearted girl, she can be very stubborn and selfish at times but she tries her best.
by Itchingandburning💞 December 8, 2019
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A mama’s boy who will kick your ass one day, no joke.
Person 1: OMG, did you see Mylan and his boo?
Person 2: His ex is so jealous!
Person 3: He was my ex, I’m not jealous!
by RiceAndBe@ns March 26, 2021
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Mylan is pretty asf she look better then all y’all hoes and she will punch the shit outta u she got a mouth and she is smart and nice and she is always there for you
She is so pretty she must be a mylan
by Lylavl November 11, 2020
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a pill thats like a xanax and a prozac.

they're purple, and say "MYLAN" on them.
yo son, them mylans had me fucked up last night.
by cedarville yo August 29, 2008
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a girl that has an attitude, but is caring. don’t mess with her 😭
mylan is mean, but she fine!
by frylover April 9, 2019
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Mylan Core is a genre of music with high bass and dark beats created by Heymylan with fucked up lyrics, dark and weird instrumentals, and offbeat flows. Mylan Core is different from all other genres because it’s weird as fuck. It’s not rap. It’s just a guy with problems talking over a dark evil beat and whispering over a dark evil beat. It's more than just dark, evil beats. Mylan Core: It can get weirder than that, with weirder beat selections and messed up topics.

by bzawnn March 29, 2022
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