The most unusual person you will ever meet. Orchids are very artistic, independent, sweet, and make VERY good lovers. Orchids love to laugh and are usually VERY good comedians. Truly optimistic, they see the better in life and make very good friends and/or lovers. They are usually honest, loyal, and they would NEVER cheat on you. However, even though most Orchids are very positive to their friends and to society, Orchids usually have a very dark secret that they don't really share unless they feel that they can trust you (Which leads to Orchids being mysterious). Orchids can have abandoment issues, so if you think of wanting one as a lover, you better make it a long-term. Orchids are actually very wise and they seem to understand the world more than most. Orchids are also very spiritual, however not religous. Most Orchids tend to be asexual, due to some things that happened in their past, but others can be very experimental. If you ever meet an Orchid, keep her. Because you'll never meet any girl like her.
Ex. 1 Hey Aiden, heard you got a girl.

Yea, what about it?

So who is she?

Her name's Orchid, and she's the best thing that ever happened to me

Ex. 2 Oh God, Orchid is so f*cking awesome, how can you NOT know her?
by linkxzeldaFOREVA789 July 27, 2012
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Also a plant that takes its name from the Greek word "orchis" Orchids were named because of the resemblance of their root bulbs. What emerges from this seemingly masculine looking root, however, is the beautiful flower known as an orchid. It is known to be the most rarest and most beautiful form of a flower. It also has unique distinctive array of colors and various shapes.
She is like an Orchid. The most beautiful, the most rarest, and the most unattainable creature ever known to mankind.
by DracoDictionary April 23, 2011
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Just like her name she is unique and different. Dont try to play her because she is sensitive. She wont fight for a guy that she knows is gonna leave her. Will fall for the wrong guys until she finds the right one that wont leave. Has lots of abandonment issues so dont get serious if your gonna leave. She is one of a kind and will make an awesome girlfriend.
Person 1: You gonna go out with Brianna ?
Person 2: Nah, I need a girl like Orchid..

Person 1: My girl is hot... what about yours?
Person 2: She doesnt have to be hot if she is an Orchid..
by MustachesOnUnicorns December 28, 2011
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A substitute word for bollocks. The orchid plants derives its name from the Greek 'orkhis' (testicle) because of the shape of its roots. Therefore orchids=bollocks.
Peter rolled around in agony when he was kicked in the orchids.
by Winkeewonkee November 17, 2003
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if you dont shut up, im going to tea bag you with my orchids
by German-Portuguese March 25, 2010
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The Sigma Pi event of the year which involves sexy ladies, massive amounts of liquor, and dicking on eachother with the Superlatives. Nothing is off limits to these guys and expect to go home with a massive hangover the next day. Signs you're at an Orchid Ball:
All the guys are wearing purple
Thirtys are under cars as you pull in because they were finished on the ride up
There is an intermission in which everyone exits the hall to chug more beer
Pearl Jam's Alive is being played as girls run to all corners avoiding the mosh
Lamps are broken and more than one person falls on the floor
Boy: Wanna come to my Orchid Ball?
Girl: You buying the beer?
by Shelly Pac May 15, 2006
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A sexual position popularized by Thai prostitutes in the 1980s. It requires the ability to contort the body into a pretzel-like shape and reach down to massage the scrotum during intercourse.

The position gives an observer the impression of a "blooming orchid" when it is executed properly.
Holy shit, that girl can do the Thai Orchid.
by Pollup November 24, 2007
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