A “man” who can’t do anything without the approval of his mother. He usually does everything she tells him to, even thought he’s in his mid 20s - 30s. Won’t stay out late because his mom told him to be back by 11PM.
John is such a mama’s boy.

“John be back by 11PM”
*it’s 10:45 PM and 25 year old John is already back from a party*
by apalelatina December 28, 2017
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1.Some loser who takes orders from his mom constantly like a little bitch.
2.Someone who should grow a dick and get laid.
Me:Yo man where u goin?
Mama's boy: I gotta go shave my mom's legs or else she gonna gimme 30 lashes.
Me: What the fuck man stop being a Mama's boy.

by mamasboi February 5, 2006
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1. A grown ass man who tells his momma every damn thing.
2.A man who cant keep a woman because his mommas jealous of his girlfriends, and acts like she his wife;the girlfriend is the other woman.
3. A man that wont take his mouth away from his mommas titty and let go!!
We cant even have a relationship, cause he's such a damn mama's boy, if i fart to loud he runs back and tell his momma;then she call here starting shit.
by Lae June 24, 2006
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A guy who acts tough but when alone with his mother is a real pansy ass bitch. Says mommy my head hurts come pick me up from school cause i can't make it through the day anymore. Then the mother comes and gets the bitch cause he's a pussy.
by mario... February 2, 2009
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A boy that pretends to be a man. He can't handle real life situations because he runs to his mom like a little bitch. This boy will have a stable relationship with a woman because he is still sucking on his mother s tit. Every argument, every event, hell everytime he have sex ,, his mother will no about it.! He looks for mother's consent before any decision with wife/gf. Try to make himself seem like angel in her eyes. Mama boys are man raised in single parent homes, alcoholics or spoiled brats.
Wife: I am so tired of you telling your mother our business. Handle it itself. MAN UP.!
Mama's Boy: *calls mom*
by blackass! February 24, 2015
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pussy ass bitch who is too fucking stupid to separate the difference between his "darling" momma and gf/wife. Acts bitchier than any female born VAGINA. Gets so damn confused with the notion that he stays pratically MARRIED to his fat fucking momma instead of his gf/wife. WHAT A FUCKIN WIMP. WTF need i say moreee?
mama's boy; (thinks to self)
my momma will always love me regardless of how much of a pussy bitch I am.....feed me, cloth me, suck her titties instead of my gf/wife.....

gf/wife; (says out loud)
hey honey no disrespect but why dont you just marry and FUCK your momma too

by yewzzzz2u February 3, 2009
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1. bitch boy declining grown up realationship with another woman besides his momma

2. scarred litto pussy cat that needs to grow a some real nutz

3. pansy whos more worried about pleasing his ugly wrinkled momma who wants to have sex with him (he did suck her tits at 1 point) lolol

4. a boy. DUH. refusing to be a man. who else would claim this title
mama's boy. says it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!
by grow.some.real.ballz February 3, 2009
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