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A generic term for middle class America. Used extensively in the 2008 presidential election.
"Senator McCain just doesn't get it – he doesn't get that this crisis on Wall Street hit main street" quote Barack Obama
by Chip Pellor October 03, 2008
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Main Street Bar & Grill, once located at 1911 W. Main Street in the Fan district of Richmond, Virginia, USA. This bar was the transcendental haven of many a prep-school socialite beginning in October of 1999 and ending in a raging but abrupt finale on June 12th, 2004. Main Street we will miss your classy atmosphere and cherish our drunken memories of nights before Thanksgiving, Debutante parties, and dancing to the Hot Nuts in the brewery. Rest In Peace...
"So Allison, I heard you were Main Streeting it up at Buddy's this weekend."
by Franka Potente November 09, 2004
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Main Street is a place in Miami,Fl where all the wanna be thug teens go to. Biggest place to give head or get fingered. Nobody really watches the movies. place for dick appointments.
person 1: what’s the plan?
person 2: Main Street ;)
person 1: Bet
by miami anonymous August 25, 2019
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