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Burning the chicken refers to fucking up something of utmost importance. You don't want to burn the chicken, EVER, trust me.
J: I'm gonna go drive drunk and run over some people.
K: Dude, that is like the definition of burning the chicken.
by dropacidnotbombs February 03, 2011
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n. The real name of the (unfortunately) American province of Wisconsin. The only reason for its existence is because we didn't want the Native Americans to have the land.
K: Let's go to Wisconsin!
D: Shitconsin you mean? That's right below "shoot myself in the eyes with a nail gun fifty times" on my to do list.
by dropacidnotbombs July 20, 2011
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v. refers to getting high, usually in the middle of doing something else that is important
K: I have a free period. I'm gonna go home and fix my car.
D: You mean you're gonna go home and get hella high.
by dropacidnotbombs March 18, 2011
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1. A party that involves everyone rolling balls
2. When you are rolling balls
1. dude that rave is gonna be rolololol
2. holy fuck im rololololing so hard i cant even see
by dropacidnotbombs January 03, 2012
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n. A restaurant that serves salty crepes as the main course and sweet crepes as dessert.
O: Let's go to Bretagne, there's a crepetaurant on every street.
by dropacidnotbombs April 24, 2011
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