the main ingredient in hotdogs
My sack is so huge, I've sold it to Oscyer Myers for $11 million and they have enough sack for the production of 293 Billion hot dogs. Give or take a few.
by Dave August 3, 2003
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when a person follows you and talks to you all the time for an excuse
damn after 4th period that foo was on my sack until the end of skool
by deadk January 27, 2009
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The completion of a full day's work.
Co-worker 1: "Hey , Niqua, you doing any overtime today?"
Co-worker 2: "No, not hardly! My sack is full. I'm finished for today."
by talk2me-JCH2 June 18, 2017
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When one screws up a task and gets frustrated.
“Well ball my sack, I just totally messed that shit up.”

“Did you see that ECN that Travis Kyle just released? He really balled my sack.”
by RuckDuck98 June 24, 2019
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Something Phil Anselmo shouted on Pantera's 1990 album, "Cowboys from Hell."
My stand is the human race
Without a label or a face
So they can lick my sack - "Hesresy," Pantera
by Ben A April 9, 2006
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what you say to someone when you're fresh out of clever retorts. (also, lick me sack)
some smart guy: "In my opinion your mother is a whore."
you: "Lick my sack."
by kyle marx April 16, 2003
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When yo sack is juicing and you want someone to come suck it
Suck My Sack- To suck someone sack
*Yo Pat come over here and suck my fat sack*
by juicinghersinceday1 April 21, 2015
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