It’s another word for oh hell na it’s originated from Nickelodeon drake and josh’s manger Helen
Lottie-“Get my food
Chelsey-“That is not my job “
by ChelseyandLottie.xo May 17, 2019
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on the grind; hustlin; in my bag; Philly origin; doing you; in the zone, focused, aware, omnipresent, making the right moves
I'm on my j o/ niggas better lay low/ fit you with a halo/ they don't know I spray though. on my job
by TraumaQuadrion February 24, 2009
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Engaging in an activity repeatedly and/or skillfully enough that its as if you were getting paid to do so. Particularly applies to non-work-related activities.
I drink like it was my job. Not to mention on the job.
by asdf.what November 22, 2003
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to do something excessively, repeatedly, or to an extent that it becomes one's trademark
alyssa is such an alcoholic. she drinks likes it's her job.
by shut up die March 24, 2004
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When in trouble for doing something that you didn't ave to do, the expression "like it was my job" can be used
"Why haven't you done the laundry"
"Pfft, like it was my job"
by Mark November 21, 2003
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Guy1: I want to be a prostitute
Guy2: my future job will be a prostitute
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A term to gaslight people into thinking they got got.
"Whose Steve Jobs?"

"Steve Jobs my balls."
by SteveJobsMyBalls August 26, 2021
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