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1. Expression similar to "Oh, gosh".

2. Expression meaning "Oh, gosh, I'm a hick". If you can use "boy howdy" in a sentence with a straight face, you're about as far out of the urban mainstream as I can imagine.
1. Boy howdy, those sure are a lot of apples.

2. Boy howdy, I'm goin' to the big city. Topeka, here I come!
by asdf.what January 29, 2004
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1. When used as a question: Same as, "Know what I'm saying?"

2. When used right before a giggle or titter: Something that is to embarassing or "icky" to bring up directly in conversation.

3. When used by a criminal or psychotic: You understand and have knowings of the insane/ socially unacceptable/ depravedly criminal/ inhumane/ abasedly amoral things I have done. Now I must kill you.
1. So then I just had to bust a cap, you know?

2. Then he showed me his... you know *giggle*.

3. You KNOW! *Lunges at you with a knife*
by asdf.what January 29, 2004
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1. A Latin expression that means an equal exchange. Similar to give and take.

2. An expression which, if used by an insane cannibal psychiatrist you happen to be talking to, is an excellent sign that you're in a LOT of trouble.
1. I gave her 20 bucks, she gave me... well, quid pro quo, y'know?

2. Lecter: Quid pro quo, Clarisse.
Clarisse (if she'd had ANY sense): Yo, I'm gettin' the hell outta HERE.
by asdf.what January 29, 2004
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Engaging in an activity repeatedly and/or skillfully enough that its as if you were getting paid to do so. Particularly applies to non-work-related activities.
I drink like it was my job. Not to mention on the job.
by asdf.what November 22, 2003
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What your parents say when trying to realte to you and your friends; members of the younger generation they will never understand. Features prominently in extremely akward conversations.
Your Dad: So, word up, kids?
You: Hi dad.
Your Friend: Heh. Hey, not much.
Your Dad: So... what's you guys' favorite street?
*Insert stunned akward silence here.*
by asdf.what January 29, 2004
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1. Orgasm had during cybersex.

2. Orgasm had as a result of anything that happens online.

3. A sign that, just maybe, you need to get out more.
1. Who cares if that hot 15 yr old Asian girl was probably a 55 yr old fat man? I just had a huge e-gasm.

2. I was looking at some nice hardcore porn when I had an e-gasm.

3. I haven't had sex in 3 years, but I have an e-gasm every day... please kill me.
by asdf.what January 29, 2004
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1. Celebration of spring fertility (spring is only really happening around the same latitude as Southern Italy, where this holiday was technically invented, but whatever) as celebrated by the Romans. Later overlapped with the feast of St. Valentine, and was accordingly Christianized in a way that made little to no sense (assuming that St. Valentine was not the patron Saint of getting it on).

2. Some damn Hallmark holiday that was designed to make men, no matter what their situation (dating, married, single, playa, whatever) miserable.
1. Let's all celebrate the emerging sexual urges of animals in church. Thank you Valentine's Day!

2. Single men are depressed, dating men are stressed, and married men are teetering on the brink of suicide. Yup, its Valentine's Day.
by asdf.what January 29, 2004
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