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Muzzing is a style of dance developed in Australia in the early 21st century from the European dance style techtonik. Movements include pointing of arms in different directions, bending the arms, swinging the arms whilst straight and bent, and the circling of the hand around the head.
Muzzing was named after the “muzzas” (a recent Australian term with a similar meaning to “wog”) who first performed it. The original form of muzzing, sometimes referred to today as “wog muzzing” (as opposed to the more recent “Asian muzzing”) involves the feet generally being firmly planted on the ground, often the legs are slightly bent given a more of a squat or crouched position. The muscles of the core and arms are tensed, and the movements are frenetic, rigid and abrupt. It is described by practitioners and others as a display of dominance. The deceased recreational bodybuilder Zyzz (Aziz Shavershian) is credited as popularising this form of muzzing.
In recent years muzzing has been appropriated by Asians and adapted to “reflect Asian sensibilities” (as one research participant stated). This new form of Asian muzzing, otherwise known as chopping, differs from traditional muzzing as it is faster, involves hip thrusting and slightly more movement of the feet and legs, is more precise, controlled and technical, and involves less muscle tensing (and may not involve muscle tensing at all). Asian muzzing appears to be performed by equal numbers of men and women.
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Person A: This calls for a 'Muzz'.
Person B: *Muzzing*
by Muzzing/Chopping AS January 28, 2017
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The act of muzz, a dance done at clubs and festivals. Also known as chopping.
He was muzzing so hard at stero!
BRO, teach me how to muzz!
by Muzzking101 April 13, 2016
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A spastic set of motions usually done by mentally incapacitated festival goers in Australia. While attempting to enjoy the trash music at trace or hardstyle music concerts, attendees will wave their arms around as if to get rid of 100 blowflies trying to land on their face while moving their hips like they're pretending they're receiving standing missionary from the bloke next to them.
Dumbcunt: Aye did you see my Muzzing video on the FB page?
Normal Person: Nah I don't wanna lose any brain cells.
by CptRaino May 23, 2018
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To muzz is the growing of hair on the upper lip that is not quite as thick as a mustache, but is denser than peach fuzz. Combined you get muzz. Muzzing is the growing.
"Forgive me, for I am muzzing"
by I<3muzz July 22, 2014
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