a lame musical currently being put on by liberty high school...and directed by one cunt of a director.
Mrs. Dixon is such a cunt.
by red carpet/rebellion January 13, 2005
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I huge mound of turd that when freshly deposited into a toilet piles up above the water level, much like the way the South Pacific islands were formed from lava piling up from undersea volcanoes.

This phenomena I more frequently occurs in the newer, low water usage toilets. As an added touch, you can plant a small flag on top of it to claim it as yours.
I just found a South Pacific Island in the crapper. It's still steaming.
by Im Uncle Sticky November 15, 2014
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A definition for s.p.a.m.; the only pleasant variation of the word.
Mmmm... The spam on the menu at 'Polynesian Savior' is hot & delicious...
by mel&moe December 29, 2005
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