A brand of background music used in businesses. It is "scientifically" compiled of innocuous and insipid music that is calculated not to offend anyone. Selections are carefully calibrated to the demographics of the target audience so that every age, sex, and ethnic group will be equally unhappy and unsatisfied. it is designed to subliminally motivate shoppers to shop and to motivate workers to work.
After nine hours in the store listening to nothing but Muzak, Scotty was drooling and muttering to himself. The next morning he woke up screaming because of the muzak playing in his head.
by dogbreath34 August 20, 2015
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Term for elevator music, my mom says it's hip
by Horrornative November 30, 2016
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A word used to describe music the speaker doesn't like.
Dude #1: Man, how can you listen to that muzak??

Dude #2: Fuck you, Zeppelin rules
by SmokeyTeeth August 13, 2012
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1. bland pre-recorded background music heard in elevators and other public places

2. any uninteresting music
I hate that muzak in the office.
by The Return of Light Joker November 9, 2008
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An actual company that once produced instrumental music for business use. Now mixes original artist music for almost every major company (and small ones) in the world. The name comes from Music + Kodak, NOT Music + Prozac.
Muzak hasn't produced elevator music in decades - so blame someone else.
by Tina April 7, 2005
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Muzak is background music played in stores, over phones on hold, etc. The term is also used to refer to various forms of popular music such as rock, pop, and rap, implying (correctly) that they are simplistic, crude, and lacking in artistic merit.
I can't believe you actually enjoy that muzak churned out by greedy corporations with no interest in art.
by Eddy1701 April 3, 2006
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Word used to describe the shitty music that is raping our airwaves and souls in America. Its produced to entertain the short attention span of soccer moms when they are in elevators and cubicles. Its spelled differently because it has more in common with prozak than it does with music. Its production proccess is also similar to that of prozak.

Muzak usally consists of, but is not limited to:

annoying, repeatitive rhythms

that horrific clapping sound every 5 seconds or so instead of drums

computer-enhanced vocals

Muzak is generally accepted as proof that the world is doomed.
I heard the muzak playing when we got in the elevator.
by Octavio February 28, 2004
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