4 definitions by dogbreath34

A not very intelligent female supporter of Barack Obama.
Debbie Wasserman Schwartz is unquestionably an Obimbo. Have you ever heard her open her mouth?
by dogbreath34 June 1, 2012
A brand of background music used in businesses. It is "scientifically" compiled of innocuous and insipid music that is calculated not to offend anyone. Selections are carefully calibrated to the demographics of the target audience so that every age, sex, and ethnic group will be equally unhappy and unsatisfied. it is designed to subliminally motivate shoppers to shop and to motivate workers to work.
After nine hours in the store listening to nothing but Muzak, Scotty was drooling and muttering to himself. The next morning he woke up screaming because of the muzak playing in his head.
by dogbreath34 August 20, 2015
The process whereby a white person gets so tanned they appear to have changed their race. Akin to "sex change".
That girl has spent so much time in the sun I think she's undergone a race change.
by dogbreath34 November 4, 2010
Bullshit explanation of death given for very old people.
Son: What did gramps die of?

Dad: He died of natural causes.

Son: Yeah, right.
by dogbreath34 March 4, 2015