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Anarchism is the belief that authority is unnecessary and harmful. Anarchists oppose the unearned privilege of the upper class, the virtual domestication of humanity, and the absurd notion that Bush is better qualified than you are to run your own life. Anarchism is generally considered a form of socialism that rejects the state as well as capitalism, but some anarchists, particularly primitivists and post-left anarchists, are hard to classify as socialist, per se.

Anarchism has been given a bad name by its associations with wanton violence, punk music, and so on. However, none of these are inherently tied to anarchism (some anarchists have even been pacifists). Nonetheless, the image of the anarchist as a wantonly anti-social rebel has been exploited by many clothing lines and punk bands attempting to cash in on the image.

Anarchism is often confused with ochlocracy, nihilism, objectivism and other forms of laissez faire capitalism, and Nietzscheanism. However, it should be noted that anarchism is, with few exceptions, socialist and consistantly anti-capitalist. While some anarchists do come off as rather nihilistic, the idea itself is not necessarily part of anarchism. Obviously, as well, Nietzscheanism and anarchism have little in common since Nietzsche was a stauch supporter of hierarchy and a defender of slavery.

Common symbols of anarchism include the circle A and the black flag. Well-known anarchists include Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, and Peter Kropotkin.
If you want the truth, I suggest you look into the books on anarchism, such as Kropotkin's Conquest of Bread.
by Eddy1701 April 3, 2006
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A genre of popular music characterized by a heavy, aggressive sound, the usage of guitar distortion and drums, and great power (often manifested in screamed lyrics and chaotic sounding guitar). Unfortunately, like other genres of popular music, it tends to emphasize style over substance. Additionally, it has a slew of subgenres that seem to fragment at the slightest provocation. While it has power, most metal musicians simply don't have the skill to harness that power effectively.
Why would I want to listen to metal when I could get some classical music instead?
by Eddy1701 March 17, 2006
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Muzak is background music played in stores, over phones on hold, etc. The term is also used to refer to various forms of popular music such as rock, pop, and rap, implying (correctly) that they are simplistic, crude, and lacking in artistic merit.
I can't believe you actually enjoy that muzak churned out by greedy corporations with no interest in art.
by Eddy1701 April 3, 2006
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One of the worst ideas in classical music (the other being minimalism), serialism takes the most mechanical form of atonality, dodecaphony and bases not just pitches, but dynamics, register, and rhythm on rows that the composer inverts and manipulates to create so-called music. It's like writing a book by taking a sentence and rearranging the letters into every possible way except the one that makes any sense.

The result is a chaotic, soulless mess that sounds like two cats clawing eachother to death. Serialism requires little real talent since no matter how you do it, the result will always sound the pretty much the same. It is not unreasonable to speculate that serialism was invented by composers who had no real ability or skill and needed a way to cover that fact up. Serialism is a disgrace to classical music and makes even rap sound great in comparison.
Only terrible composers like Pierre Boulez bother with serialism.
by Eddy1701 April 3, 2006
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The most overrated philosopher who ever lived, he practically invented totalitarianism in his so-called "republic", which would impose draconian censorship laws and a strict caste system maintained through outright deception and eugenics by the philosopher kings. He defends this dystopia using Socrates as a mouthpiece character and giving him a bunch of braindead morons to debate to make his ideas appear irrefutable.

Among Plato's many innovations are orders for doctors to kill thoughtcriminals seeking medical aid and total censorship of any art that isn't watered down kitsch designed to brainwash people into absolute conformity. Without a doubt, this asshat truly put the dick in dictator. Just say no to Play-dope.
Quotes from Plato's Republic

Socrates: And so it follows that you must suck my cock for all time, does it not?
Glaucon: Certainly!

Socrates: Crimethinkers unbellyfeel Kallipolis. Vaporize doubleplusungood oldthinkers.
by Eddy1701 September 28, 2006
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A late Romantic era composer known for his brilliant innovations in harmony and immensely large scale operas but also for his controversal proto-fascist views. Wagner composed mostly operas and, unlike most other composers, created his own librettos rather than setting music to those written by others. He also greatly developed the techniques of leitmotifs and through-composition.

Today, Wagner is probably best known for the wedding chorus popularly known as Here Comes the Bride (from his opera Lohengrin) and Ride of the Valkyries (from his opera The Valkyrie). Also, much of the modern stereotype of opera comes from his work, specifically the Ring cycle operas.

Due to his ultra-right wing politics and connection to the Nazi Germany, he is rather controversal composer and his work is more or less blacklisted in Israel.
Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries is far better than any of those silly metal songs.
by Eddy1701 March 17, 2006
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