The word mushy in Germany means vagina or pussy.
So when someon calls their cat in Germany, its not here pussy cat. Its here mushy cat.
Or if a guy is to go down on a wouldnt be come suck on my pussy.
It would be come suck my mushy.
Of course there is always the American meaning too..but that one just isnt as fun.
by Jessels May 8, 2007
*The word commonly used in referance to having sexual encounters with one of the same or opposite gender.
*created as from a "slip of the tongue" while V meant to say "mushies" refering to mushrooms but "came out" with "mushy"
"after i touched jenn's OI OI, we headed to her boyfriends room for some mushy mushy"
by Valisa June 18, 2004
Often referred as "the Black alien baby with a hint of old Indian man showering". Mushie got its name from decades ago when a young man that went by the name of Nathan Bashura was sick and tired of being called Mayo so he legally changed his name to Mushie and got a new appearance, this appearance made others call him "the black alien baby with a hint of Indian man showering.. It was everything Mushie could ask for! To this day Mushie is know by these three emojis 👶🏿👽🧖🏾 ♂️
GUY1: Do you know 👶🏿👽🧖🏾 ♂️?
GUY2: HELL YEAH!! That's Mushie the black alien baby with a hint of old Indian man showering!!!
by gorese October 6, 2020
(1) A short person capable of performing auto-fellatio.

Orignated from Colonial Hong Kong.
"It never ceases to amaze me how that mushy posseses such flexibility."
by Normis Cox July 2, 2005
A person so insanely awkward that no amount of words can stop the overpopulating gay baby surge.
Josh is so mushy, the Hulk couldn't pierce this aura of awkward.
by asdfadsfsd October 3, 2009
Muhammed and Shirley.
social worker and artistic danseuse.
religious and pagan.
far in and far out.
so cute together. they make it work, the contradictions and the mystery.
He really loves her. She showers him with hugs and giggly kisses whenever they are free to meet.
Shirley loves to discover all his body caves and hide in them until the new day calls for presence. responsibility. availability.
Mumu is so cute. He's into domestic life. And island mentality. Pretty sure he'd take Shirl with him though.
mushi is the sweetest. its super tight like nothing can come in!
by Bad Translator November 14, 2020
1:- Those who kiss amourously in public
2:- Hallucinogenic Fungal Specimins. See totalled
Aww bless, look at those four mushies over there :)
Fancy getting mashup on mushies?