Halucinogenic mushrooms. Usually of the genus Psilocibe.
"Aaaarrrr man, these mushies are fucken intense".
by Anonymous June 23, 2003

The sweet nothings you get from your bae .
Girl 1: You should hear the mushies I got from my boyfriend last night.

Girl 2: Ooooo. What he say?

Girl 1: He was all like "I'm never gonna leave you, you're my babe, I love you more than those tacos you gave me last night."
by idkit January 3, 2015
Creatures in the anime Mushi-Shi

Kind of like ghosts. But more like creatures above humans.
Ginko: That is a mushi that has eaten out all of your memories

Girl: Mushi...? Are they all bad?

Ginko: No. Only certain ones.
by RikkiAnimeOtaku July 5, 2011
someone cute. when you just want to squeeze their cheeks like a baby.
Mason is such a mushie i just want to squeeze his cheeks!!!”
by laloca April 11, 2019
In an old asian language Mushi means Dragon. The Dragon, or Mushi, was a terrifying beast.
The Mushi defeated the Knight.
by Ashley Kelly Tong January 6, 2011
1) adj. alittle bit overly sentimental

2) adj. soft and malable
1) That movie would have been better if they didn't make it so mushy.

2) I like mushy fruit like bananas, peaches, and tomatoes.
by l7ol7e March 14, 2005
He is so mushy.
by musher2021 September 11, 2018