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A loud greeting to be given to freinds in public areas, the louder the better in order to make passers by shit their pants.
Me: OI OI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neil: OI OI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Passer By: <Sqeulch>
by Wise Man October 10, 2003
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A welcome comment....
Like 'Hey how are ye!?!'
Or 'Hi hi'
(between two friends)
'oi oi'
'Hey Mush how are ye?'
by GIGSEY October 26, 2003
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oioi is a greeting used by young people
or it can be used when you are happy or something good has happened
oioi mate you alright
i've just bought a new car oioi
by \\leah// June 12, 2007
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1) can be used as a greeting when seeing friends. A friendly and loud greeting to either say "hello" or "how are you"
2) another way of praising someone for an achievement, either sexually or non-sexually. A way of saying "check you out!"
1) Friend 1: "Oi Oi!"
Friend 2: "Oii oiiii!!"

2) Molly:"I got an A in my exam!"
Hailey:"Oi Oi!! Well done"

Bill:"how was last night with Bella"
Gary:"you don't even wanna know mate! We went all night!"
Bill:"Oi Oi!! Get in there mate!"
by puresource October 07, 2015
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Informal greeting.Can also be used to gain someones attention.
Probably from Latin.
Not invented by Owen.
Random stranger - Oi oi!

Linzi- Don't talk to me,I'll poke you in the eye,make me a panini
by JendidNOTwritethis July 01, 2010
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